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Naturalficial is a Miami based practice dedicated to the exploration and design of contemporary constructed environments. It was conceived by founding principal Andres Arcila, who attended Florida International University School of Architecture, and graduated with honors and holds a degree in Architectural Design from Parsons School of Design in New York City.

Exploration and Manifestation

Naturalficial’s interest lies in the exploration and manifestation between natural and artificial conditions. Understanding that the delineation of the natural and the artificial has been blurred, has given rise to a new hybridized, paradoxical condition, which we have coined as “Naturalficial”. A condition in which nature is often presented as the subject of knowledge and the aesthetic of experience; nevertheless, formulated through a series of fabricated and or manipulated man made interventions that are continuously being questioned and lead us to re-think our perception and relationship towards our built and natural environments.


We strive to understand our client influences, and our position and impact on cultural production. We place emphasis on research and process driven design in which the geographical, cultural, and social economic context of place are analyzed. These vehicles of information are then synthesized and serve as the tools from which we conceive an objective project framework to create responsive and distinctive constructed environments.


We engage in a broad range of project types and clientele. Our primary focus is in the area of landscape design and offer conceptual, advisory consulting services for architecture and interiors. We may provide specific design consulting needs, or a holistic inter-disciplinary design approach. We engage in collaborative efforts with engineers, architects, interior designers, developers, contractors, and offer the following services:


Naturalficial provides landscape design consulting services including: project feasibility studies, program planning, and concept development. We also explore overall design schemes and layouts for hardscape and planting, including specifications and installation details for plant material.


We offer a complementary preliminary on-site consultation to potential clients in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. Prior to our consultation, we will require site photos, a property survey or a site plan, and the completion of a brief questionnaire containing important project information that will help to better utilize our meeting time.

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